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Build, Test & Deploy

Open source Continuous Delivery server specializing in software release automation!

Why HawkCD?

HawkCD server enables Continuous Delivery workflows on the Cloud and On-Premise. It has been built specifically with the Continuous Delivery principles and practices in mind.

Automate your software release process

Automate your software delivery process from code check-in, through build, unit and integration tests to staging and production deployment.

Integrate with any Build/CI server

You already have a source control server and a build server (Jenkins, TeamCity TFS etc.). HawkCD doesn't replace them; it takes over where they finish off. HawkCD is great at taking the built artifacts, configuring and distributing them to all the environments that they need to run in.

Build with the CD practices in mind

#1 Build your source code once and deploy many times to various enviroments! #2 Use precisely the same mechanism to deploy to every environment in your Pipeline! #3 Smoke test your deployments! #4 If anything fails, stop the line!


Git & GitHub Integration

Git source control, Automatic Pipeline triggers, Feature branches, Artifacts repository

Deployment Pipeline

Pipeline Execution History, Pipeline Run Management - Monitor and Re-run Stages and Jobs.

Cross-Platform Deployment

Whether you need to deploy on Windows or Linux servers, HawkCD will do that with ease.

Parallel Job Execution

Run your builds and tests in parallel across grid of servers and let your team receive immediate feedabck.

User Management

Flexible and granular authentication and authorization model. Allows multiple teams to collaborate and self-service.

Cloud Ready

Deploy applications to physical or virtual machines that are hosted On-Premise or in the Cloud.

Platform & Tools

HawkCD is being built to be a cross-platform solution. It can be deployed on Linux, Windows and OS X operating systems and be able to build, test and deploy projects developed in Java, C#, Python, JavaScript (NodeJs), Ruby and PHP.











Start automating your build process now by downloading the HawkCD Server and Agent.


If you need help with getting started and understanding the Continuous Delivery concepts, visit the official HawkCD documentation.


If you want to report a bug, suggest a feature or have a chat with us, visit our Forum.


The HawkCD project is sponsored and maintained by R&D Solutions , a company providing DevOps/ Contntinuous Delivery and Custom Software Development services